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About Delegating

Delegating your ADA with a stake pool such as Adaberry Pi rewards you every 5 day epoch for your part in helping build and secure the Cardano blockchain.

Your ADA remains safely in your wallet and under your control. If you swap or spend some, that's okay; the remaining ADA continues receiving delegation rewards.

Your delegation rewards don't end there. Once the Adaberry Pi stake pool reaches 3.14% saturation of staked ADA, we will donate 3.14% of margin fees to OneTreePlanted, our favorite global reforestation project.

About Adaberry Pi

Fully Secured

Only legitimate Cardano blockchain traffic accesses the Adaberry Pi stake pool nodes. If a node falters, hot backups will keep our part of the Cardano network running.

Carbon Negative

Adaberry Pi stake pool on Raspberry Pi computers uses less than 100 watts of power—all supplied by the sun. A portion of margin costs are donated to One Tree Planted.

24/7 Monitoring

With around-the-clock eyes-on physical monitoring, administrators also receive alerts and regular status updates regarding the nodes, network, and power supplies.

Clean Code

We've personally written or inspected the code in every script used to help make Adaberry Pi the most secure, stable, and reliable stake pool possible on the Cardano blockchain.

Great Rewards

As if holding Cardano ADA isn't rewarding enough, delegating to a stake pool such as Adaberry Pi rewards you with 4-7% annual interest on your ADA paid every 5 days.

Special Promotion

When Adaberry Pi stake pool mints our first block, delegators will begin receiving special "Early Adopter" NFTs until Adaberry Pi stake reaches 3.14% saturation.

How Does One Delegate?

Adaberry Pi Ticker: 00000

Hash: 33708d590f4549170125524fcbd6bc189fa8711fba52f8ead4276ca4


At this time, the easiest and safest way to purchase Cardano ADA cryptocurrency is through a centralized exchange such as Coinbase, Binance, or Kraken.

Set Up Wallet

To take control of your ADA, you'll need a compatible cryptocurrency wallet. There are currently two official Cardano wallets available—Daedalus and Yoroi.

Secure Access

While setting up your wallet, securely and redundantly back up your mnemonic security phrase and password. This may be the single most important step!

Transfer ADA

Then, transfer (send) your cryptocurrency from the centralized custodial exchange you purchased it on to a recieving address within your wallet.


You'll find a delegation list in your ADA wallet. If you would like to delegate your Cardano stake with Adaberry Pi to help us restore the biosphere, please search for us by ticker symbol 00000 or name Adaberry Pi.


Watch as your future becomes brighter both ecologically and economically. Whether seeking a cleaner environment with more happy, grateful people in the world, or personal financial security, why not enjoy both?

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Airdrop Promotions

My partner and I have both enjoyed and been tormented by decades of experience in the arts including many forms of visual design and sound production. We fell in love with the possibilities Cardano NTFs will soon introduce to the world.

We'll airdrop special observance and commemorative NFTs designed to reward delegators helping us heal the planet and economy.

Every Adaberry Pi stake pool delegator entering the epoch in which we mint our first block will receive Early Adopter NFTs. You'll want to hodl this token.




  • Cardano Feature NFTs
  • Commemorative NFTs
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  • Everything in Rare
  • Annual Tribute NFT
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  • Everything in Legendary
  • Unique 100th epoch NFT
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take responsibility for your future

About One Tree Planted

One Tree Planted is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt environmental charity organization dedicated to making it easier for individuals and businesses to give back to the environment.

Create a healthier climate, protect biodiversity and help reforestation efforts around the world with Adaberry Pi and OneTreePlanted, our favorite global reforestation project.

Once Adaberry Pi reaches 3.14% delegated ADA saturation, we will begin donating 3.14% of all margin fees to One Tree Planted. Until then, every lovelace goes into the pool pledge.